August 18, 2015

Change, Goal setting, Ships and Skydiving… why I don’t believe in Goalsetting

At some stage in your life as a business owner, I imagine you would have been told by a business adviser or guru of some kind, that to get ahead in business you must set Goals, right? 

Of course you have, it is one of the foundations of the personal and business development world. Most gurus and coaches will tell you so. 

But I don’t. 

I don’t believe in Goal setting anymore, at least not in the way we normally think of goals. 
This is what I believe about Goals: 

Goal-setting is about setting a course on a Journey of Change; Goals are never about actual places to get to. 

This is a 7.5 minute presentation about Change and journeys from Roland Hanekroot, business coach and mentor to small business owners. from New Perspectives Business Coaching in Sydney, Australia. I am also the author of the Ten Truths books for business owners. My newest book, the Ten Truths for Making Business Fun is available as a free download in Ebook or audiobook at

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