We all know we should have a business plan to develop our business, but we haven't or we created one some time ago but it's been living in the bottom of a filing cabinet, gathering dust. The reason business plans don't work for most small business owners is because of 2 major misunderstandings... The Small Business Masterminds Foundation webinar on business planning shows you how to write a business plan for your business that truly makes a difference for you and your business. regular masterminds webinars are held free and more information here: http://newperspectives.com.au/masterminds

Arnold, who owned a software consultancy. The business sold high-end business software applications to corporate customers, consulted to these businesses on implementation of the applications, customised the software, and trained the employees of the business in its use. The problem Arnold had, was that he was constantly involved at the basic levels of the business to make decisions about direction and priorities. His staff simply didn’t seem able to consistently make the right decisions themselves.

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