Roland Hanekroot of New Perspectives Business Coaching helps you focus on the most important question you can ever ask yourself in your business: "why does your business exist, What's it on this earth for, and why would anybody care about that?

The Masterminds webinar about The Purpose of Business is one of the most important webinars you can ever listen to to help you build a business that is Fun and that sustains you for years to come.

The Small business Masterminds Foundation webinars are Free Fun and Fantastic. Go to http:/ and find out about the next webinar on the aspects that all business owners and entrepreneurs have to face from time to time when developing their business.

Small Business Masterminds Foundation webinar on Business Planning that actually works for your business. Roland Hanekroot from New Perspectives Business coaching explains that most business owners have 2 key misunderstandings about business planning that means most of us don't have one a business plan or if we do, it languisging in the bottom of a drawer somewhere.

And that's a shame, because a great business needs a great plan... I will explain and show you how to write a business plan that will absolutely change your business and your life.

Last Webinar recording from April 2016

Once upon a time a long, long time ago in a land not unlike Australia... 

John felt that his electrical contracting business had been drifting aimlessly from job to job for some time.

One day John and I realised that he wasn't clear on what the business was actually about or why it existed...

The Small Business Masterminds Foundation podcast about the deep Purpose of your business

Roland Hanekroot of New Perspectives Business Coaching explains why it is so important to ask yourself what the deep Purpose (with a capital P) of your business is... Why does your business exist, on this earth and why would anybody else care about that?
  • And what difference does it make when you become absolutely clear about that question?
  • And how will that change your life?
  • And how do you go about uncovering that Purpose?

You will walk away from this podcast with great clarity and insight and with simple action steps you can take in your business immediately to build a business that is Fun and that will sustain you for years to come. 

Small Business Masterminds Foundation Webinars are held every second Thursday evening Australian Eastern Standard Time.

Masterminds are Cool, Fun and Free

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See you soon
Roland Hanekroot

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