Roland Hanekroot from New Perspectives Business Coaching in the Small Business Masterminds Foundation webinar about Numbers, and gazing into the future with your fingers firmly on the pulse of the key indicators of the health of your business. Special Guest expert Rick Polito from AXSAPT in Sydney gives us all the lowdown on dashboards, and Key Predictive Indicators. Not all KPI's were created equal...some are more equal than others. Tune in to the Small Business Masterminds with Rick Polito to learn what the first steps are to build a Fun business that sustains you for years to come.

Small Business Masterminds Foundation Podcasts are Fun, Informative, Useful and Free.

Every fortnight a different topic.

This weeks topic: Marketing in the world of Social Media... Old Fashioned Marketing in the Digital age. What you need to know about modern marketing to build a Fun business that sustains you for years to come.

I am joined by digital lead generation guru Scott Forrest from Motive Marketing for this special Small Business Masterminds Foundation Webinar to really get to the bottom of how we should be thinking about our marketing in 2015. Is life really completely different now than it was in 2000? If so, how is it different? How must we go about finding the right customers for our product or service and how to we communicate to them so that they want to do business with us?

You will walk away with great insights and a whole bunch of simple steps you can take in your business in the weeks after the webinar to really start to build a Fun Business that sustains you for years to come

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